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infusion pump

change the way you infuse

  • Contact your distributor or infusion services provider for more information, or reach out to the U.S. market leader in SCIg infusions.
    Call us at 1-800-624-9600 or request more information by e-mail (info@rmsmedicalproducts.com).


  • Precise infusion rates and uniform flow profiles provide consistent delivery of medication
  • Fixed flow rate sets are available from F0.5 to F2400. Our sets offer you the flexibility to infuse 60ml in as little as a few minutes to as long as 5 days
  • Extended antibiotic admixture storage versus minibags and elastomerics

cost & value

  • Lowest cost infusion system – even less than gravity bags for most administrations
  • Attractively priced reusable pump and economical tubing sets
  • Easy system to set-up and check. Simplifies filling, mixing and storage
  • Studies show the syringe pump is the most cost-effective way of delivering intravenous antibiotics
  • Syringes generally have great stability and drug storage life, further reducing cost


  • Luer disc connector on tubing sets protects against set touch contamination and helps ensure proper syringe insertion
  • Highly accurate constant-pressure pump maintains recommended pressure at 13.5 psi
  • Clear-view syringe holder makes it easy to verify flow rate and quantity of drug remaining in syringe
  • Protects against free flow and overdose


  • Single or multiple syringe dosing allows extensive range of volumes (1ml to 180ml or more!)
  • Easy to use, lightweight pump: patient just winds pump, loads syringe, turns pump on, and infusion begins
  • Completely portable, no batteries or electricity required, no cumbersome IV pole needed
  • Handy travel pouch included