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  • Patient using FREEDOM60®

    “My name is Marguerite. I am 54 years old, a wife and mother of 2 active girls, ages 12 and 13. I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritus and Fibromyalgia. I have gone to 5 different rheumatologists and other doctors in search for relief from the constant pain in every single joint in my body. I have … Continued

  • Patient using HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets™

    “Switching to HIgH-Flo … cut 15 minutes of my infusion time. They come with genuine 3M Tegaderm™ so it doesn’t irritate my skin the way other dressings can.”

  • Patient using FreedomEdge®

    “My infusion time has gone from 7 hours via IV to 20 minutes using my FreedomEdge pump!”

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Hello and Welcome to the RMS Connections blog.

We think it’s important to be able to share some of the amazing stories we come across, and give a stronger voice to the rare disease community. While our blog features Joanna Tierno, we’re looking forward to lots of guest posts. Please feel free to send in your blog!

Please keep in mind that posts contain the unaltered words of the authors, which may not represent the views of RMS Medical Products, and are definitely not to be taken as medical advice.

We hope these stories will inspire, motivate, inform, and encourage!

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As the leading manufacturer of Syringe Infusion Systems and Medical Suction, we are proud to partner and support the leading organizations within our industries to provide valuable information to our customers.

The Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF), founded in 1980, is the national non-profit patient organization dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life of persons with PI through advocacy, education and research. IDF provides accurate and timely information for patients and families living with PI and offers valuable resources.

NHIA is a trade association that represents and advances the interests of organizations that provide infusion and specialty pharmacy products and services to the entire spectrum of home-based patients. The website is available to serve its members, the infusion patient, physicians and others interested in learning about the infusion field.

The Infusion Nurses Society (INS), is a national nonprofit organization representing infusion nurses and all other clinicians who practice infusion therapy. Since 1973, INS has continued its commitment to bringing innovative new resources and learning opportunities to the wide range of healthcare professionals involved in the specialty practice of infusion therapy.