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Repro Med Systems, Inc. (RMS) is located in Chester, Orange County, NY, approximately 60 miles northwest of New York City. RMS manufactures medical devices used in emergency care, hospital settings, nursing homes, other medical facilities and home care.

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Board of Directors

  • Daniel S. Goldberger

    Chairman of the Board of Directors, Interim President and CEO

    Mr. Goldberger was appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors and interim President and Chief Executive Officer on July 25, 2018, replacing  Mr. Andrew Sealfon.  Mr. Goldberger has over 35 years of experience within the biotech, medical technology, and high tech industries.  His areas of expertise include mergers and acquisitions, capital formation, intellectual property, product development, supply chain, business analytics, and turnarounds.   Since January 2018, Mr. Goldberger is the Chief Executive Officer of Synergy Disc Replacement Inc., a private company commercializing a proprietary total disc implant for cervical spine therapy.  Prior to this, Mr. Goldberger served as Chief Executive Officer of Milestone Medical, Inc. until October 2017.  Prior to this he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Xtant Medical Holdings, Inc. from August 2013 to January 2017. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of Sound Surgical Technologies LLC from April 2007 to February 2013. Mr. Goldberger served on the boards of Xtant Medical Holdings, Inc., Sound Surgical, Xcorporeal and Glucon. He currently serves as an advisor to investment funds Meridian Capital and Wellfleet Capital. Mr. Goldberger earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from M.I.T, his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and attended the Stanford Directors College.

  • Joseph Manko, Jr.

    Lead Independent Director

    Mr. Joseph Manko, Jr. was appointed Lead Independent Director on July 25, 2018. Mr. Manko has over 20 years of investment experience, predominately in the asset management, investment banking, private equity and corporate securities markets. From 2005-2010 Mr. Manko was a Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Switzerland-based BZ Fund Management Limited, where he was responsible for corporate finance, private equity investments, three public equity funds and the firm’s Special Situations and Event-Driven strategies. Prior to that, Mr. Manko was a Managing Director with Deutsche Bank in London where he was head of their European and Asian Equity Capital Markets business. He began his investment banking career at Merrill Lynch as a Vice President in Hong Kong.

  • Andrew Sealfon

    Board of Directors Member, Co-Founder

    Andrew Sealfon, a member of the Board of Directors, previously served as President, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board of Directors  until July 25, 2018, and co-founded the Company in 1980.  He has held various positions including Chief Financial Officer and Director of Sales. He has been responsible for corporate management and for directing the design, development, and sales of the Company’s products. His previous work was in the design of infusion peripherals including syringe pumps and subcutaneous administration sets for use with immune globulins. His research has culminated with the widespread use of the Freedom60 Syringe Infusion System for SCIG, and High-Flo RMS Subcutaneous Needle Sets. This research continues to demonstrate that an optimum infusion—both subcutaneous and intravenous—can be greatly influenced by the ancillary equipment.

    Mr. Sealfon is an electrical engineer and inventor and has been granted numerous U.S. patents. As an aerospace engineer, Mr. Sealfon was employed by ITT Federal Laboratories Defense Space Group as a Member of the Technical Staff, and later was a Member of the Research Staff of Riverside Research Institute. Mr. Sealfon is a graduate of Lafayette College and continued his graduate studies at Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.

  • Dr. Paul Mark Baker

    Board of Directors Member

    Dr. Paul Mark Baker earned a medical degree from Cornell University Medical College. Dr. Baker is a practicing pediatrician and is attending at the Department of Pediatrics of Orange Regional Medical Center, Middletown, NY, and attending at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Baker assisted the company in the development of the RES-Q-VAC Emergency Medical Suction System. In addition, Dr. Baker has published results of use of the RES-Q-VAC in a letter to Lancet, the medical journal.

  • Arthur J. Radin

    CPA, Board of Directors Member

    Mr. Arthur Radin was appointed as a member of the Board of Directors at the end of January 2015. He started his career at Touche Ross & Co. and has been a partner in public accounting firms for over 50 years. He was with Radin, Glass & Co. from 1998 until January 2015 when he joined Janover LLC. He is a member of the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants Editorial Board. Mr. Radin received a BA degree from Columbia College and a Masters in Business Administration from New York University.

  • Mark Pastriech

    Board of Directors Member

    Mr. Mark Pastreich is a businessman and a real estate investor and broker. He has served on numerous for-profit and not-for-profit boards. Among his other various real estate holdings, he is presently a partner in Casper Creek LLC, which owns the building leased by the Company.

  • David Anderson

    Board of Directors Member

    Mr. David Anderson was appointed to the Board of Directors on February 26, 2016. Mr. Anderson has been in the medical (device) industry for over 23 years and has held the role of Chief Executive Officer for Sterilox Technologies, Inc., Gentis, Inc. and currently with ORTEQ Ltd/CellCoTec Ltd. He has also served on the board for ACell Inc., (Regenerative Medicine for Woundcare) and Aperion Biologics, (ACL Replacement Technology), as well as served on several advisory committees. Mr. Anderson received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University and attended University of Minnesota for Graduate Studies in Microbiology.

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