RMS Announces Change in Fiscal Year

On March 22, 2017, the Board of Directors of Repro Med Systems, Inc. (the “Company”) approved a change in the Company’s fiscal year end from February 28 to December 31.  This change is being made by the Company to better align the Company’s financial reporting calendar with its industry peers, suppliers and customers.  Accordingly, the … Continued

RMS Appoints New COO

On January 17, 2017, Repro Med Systems, Inc. dba RMS Medical Products (“RMS”) hired Mr. Eric Bauer as its Chief Operating Officer, effective immediately.

RMS Medical Products Posts Third Quarter 2017 Results

The Company announced that its net revenues for the third quarter ended November 30 of fiscal 2017 were $3,193,113 compared with $3,144,954 for the third quarter of fiscal 2016. Net loss for the quarter was $104,275 compared with net income of $167,552 for the same period last year. For the nine months ended November 30, … Continued

Prelim Proxy

All shareholders are invited to attend the Annual Meeting. Only those stockholders of record at the close of business on July 18, 2016 are entitled to notice of and to vote at the Annual Meeting and any postponements or adjournments thereof. A complete list of shareholders entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting will be … Continued