RMS Establishes New Medical Advisory Council

CHESTER, NY / April 17, 2017 / Repro Med Systems, Inc. dba RMS Medical Products (OTCQX: REPR) (“RMS” or the “Company”) announced today it has established a new medical advisory council.  The members of this council are highly respected medical professionals and key opinion leaders in the immunology, allergy and immunodeficiency medical arena.  The role of this council will be to advise the RMS Leadership Team in the area of research, product development, continual improvements, clinical studies and global expansion efforts.  The council will also provide post marketing medical education to promote the safety and effectiveness of RMS’ products and enhance the communications and networks between RMS, medical specialty pharmacy and nursing societies.

Members of the Medical Advisory Council are:

Dr. Robert Geng

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, University of California, San Diego.



Dr. Kelli Williams

Clinical Assistant Professor, Medical University of South Carolina Allergy & Immunology



Dr. Timothy Craig

Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics in Penn State University


All council members are currently involved in clinical practice and research (including intensive clinical studies) on allergy and immunology for adults and children with disorders of the immune system.  With regards to their clinical research, they are working to bring novel and advanced therapies to adults/children with allergic and immunologic disorders. They are all active members of CIS, AAAAI, ESID, and IgNS.

Dr. Fred Ma, RMS Chief Medical Officer commented, “Our new Advisory Council is expected to play a key role in shaping the future success of RMS by opening many new channels within the medical professional community and all therapeutic societies domestically and internationally.  They have great expectations that RMS will continue to innovate new products, drive continual improvements of existing product platforms and deliver solutions designed to improve the quality of life of their patients.”

Dr. Geng commented, “It is so critical to understand the narrative across the entire immunotherapeutic field. The patient’s wellbeing is always the first priority, which is not only dependent on the drugs we give to patients, but also relies heavily on the safety and efficacy of the drug delivery system.”

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