Marguerite's Story

Patient using FREEDOM60®

These products are so user-friendly

“My name is Marguerite. I am 54 years old, a wife and mother of 2 active girls, ages 12 and 13. I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I have gone to 5 different rheumatologists and other doctors in search for relief from the constant pain in every single joint in my body. I have found nothing that takes away all the pain, but I have found a few medications that help.

During my search, some of the therapies and infusions of strong medicines depleted my immune system. I caught pneumonia, was hospitalized, and almost died twice. I became disabled because the range-of-motion in my joints became limited, preventing me from moving very much. I also could not be around too many people because I could easily catch illnesses. This has been very difficult for me especially since my girls are young. They are involved in Girl Scouts and play in their school orchestra. I have missed many concerts and trips, Christmas parades, etc.

I starting seeing a new doctor a couple of years ago. Once I became strong enough, she started me on Hizentra, which is infused at home with little needles, into the subcutaneous tissue.

I use 3 HIgH-Flo needles and the Freedom60 system. These products are so user-friendly. The nurse trained me, so I can do the infusion according to our family schedule. I even took it on vacation with us this year. I feel much more ‘normal’! This medicine and the way it is administered allows me to accompany my daughters on many of their activities now.”

-Marguerite A.

Joanna's Story

Patient using HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets™

Switching to HIgH-Flo … cut 15 minutes off my infusion time

“Switching to HIgH-Flo … cut 15 minutes off my infusion time. They come with genuine 3M Tegaderm™ so it doesn’t irritate my skin the way other dressings can.” Joanna uses only FREEDOM60 Precision Flow Rate Tubing™ on her Freedom60® pump, and says, “By adding HIgH-Flo needles, I’m now able to achieve the best possible infusion from my FREEDOM60® pump.”

-Joanna T.

Ted's Story

Patient using FreedomEdge®

My infusion time has gone from 7 hours via IV to 20 minutes using my FreedomEdge pump

“My infusion time has gone from 7 hours via IV, 7 hours the first time I did Subcutaneous: now I’m done in 20 minutes using my FreedomEdge pump.  Today, its impact on my life is not much worse than having to brush my teeth.”

-Ted S.


Sheri's Story

Patient using FREEDOM60®

I’m no longer “surviving” but LIVING a full and rich life!

“Just had my 4th anniversary on Hizentra using the RMS Medical Products – FREEDOM60 Infusion and I’ve NEVER FELT BETTER!! I’m no longer “surviving” but LIVING a full and rich life! Thanks and keep up the great work!!”

-Sheri H.


Donna's Story

Care Provider using HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets™

Making the switch to HIgH-Flo

“After speaking with our patients, they have said the RMS needles go in easier. When these patients were asked if they wanted to go back to the previous needles they started out with, (before we had the RMS to offer), they all said they wanted to stay with the RMS needles. Also the flow rates have improved with these patients.”

– Donna J.

Maureen's Story

Patient using HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets™

I experience significantly less discomfort with HigH-Flo

“As compared to the previous needles I was using, I experience significantly less discomfort when inserting the HIgH-Flo needle. In fact, I barely feel it at entry.

In the past, I have delayed infusing as long as possible because I have been anticipating a painful (even though it’s somewhat minor) experience. With the HIgH-Flo subcutaneous needles, because the insertion pain is significantly reduced, I infuse on the day (and at the time) that I am scheduled to infuse (instead of delaying the “task”).”

– Maureen H.

Dave's Story

Patient using HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets™

I’ve discovered the best!

“I’ve never recommended another product more to fellow PIDD patients than I recommend RMS HIgh-Flo subcutaneous needle sets. The speed of flow these needles allow my highly viscous medication to enter my body is truly amazing! I’ve never had any other subcutaneous needles enter my skin so smoothly and painlessly, and also exit with so much ease. The comfort of RMS HIgH-Flo needles is unparalleled, and I’ve tried them all! The combination of the short length of the the tubing, in addition to the HIgH-Flo butterfly wings, allows me to secure the needles to give me the freedom of doing household chores or other activities during my infusions (with multiple needle sights) without being burdened by excess tubing or the fear that the needles are going to come out. These needles have been a game changer for my therapy. I’m no longer searching for a better needle set because I’ve discovered the best! Thanks RMS!”

– Dave K.

Joanna's Story

Patient using FREEDOM60®

HigH-Flo was the easiest switch ever

“Wednesday is my FREEDOM60® infusion day. When I switched to HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needles™ I noticed better looking infusion sites on Thursday! HIgH-Flo doesn’t hurt going in or on removal – and cut 15 minutes off my infusion time. They come with authentic 3M Tegaderm™ so it doesn’t irritate my skin the way other dressings can. I use only Precision Flow Rate Tubing™. By adding HIgH-Flo needles, I’m able to achieve the best infusion from my FREEDOM60® pump. Changing to HIgH-Flo was the easiest switch ever!

– Joanna T.

Nancy's Story

Patient using FREEDOM60®

I Love my FREEDOM60 Pump!

“I wanted to write and tell you that I still love my FREEDOM60® pump – after all these years!

I met you at a meeting where you showed your pump, and for me it was the answer! Simple and easy to use. No complications. No batteries, no settings. I just wind up, push the button, and I’m good to go!

Sub Q has been such an amazing and wonderful avenue for me! I was IVIG for 8.5 years – my life changed! It was a difficult decision to make the jump to being totally responsible for my treatment – but an exciting one as well! I knew I could do it because I was determined. I wanted to have control, and I wanted to live my life more freely.

In January ’07, I spent a month in Kenya, Africa working at an AIDS orphanage, touring schools and homes for street kids, going on two amazing safaris, fulfilling a life long dream – this trip! Because of my immune deficiency I was not really encourged to go, but my wonderful new doctor was different. He gave me things to be careful of, suggestions he thought important and said “Go for it!” Well, I packed up all my supplies, my Gamma, and my “trusty FREEDOM60 pump” – and off I went! No problems with X-ray machines – customs – nothing! From Palm Springs to England to Nairobi and back, all went great. The pump was so simple that this was its real plus on this trip. I never had to worry about batteries or if I had set it in correctly – it was already ready to perform!

Please don’t ever stop making this wonderful little machine!”

Thank you, Nancy H.

Barry's Story

Care Provider using RES-Q-VAC®

RES-Q-VAC came through when the power when out

“We lost power in the hospital and nurses started yelling, “we need suction!” People were worried. ICU wanted something used in the rehab unit. There was 1 trach patient and 8 ventilator patients. There were no lights, no electricity, electric units were burnt – generators failed and people fell apart. Strange things were happening, like moving patients to areas of light (hallway). Only one of the generators was working, which powered one elevator and the only light, in the OR, which was where patients were being moved to.

Luckily, there was 1 RES-Q-VAC in the ICU, 1 on 3rd floor, and 1 on 6th floor in the OR where patients were. They worked very well and got us through the night. The RES-Q-VAC was one of the most important pieces of equipment of the moment. I was a very popular guy”

– Barry S.

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