Lisa's Story

Patient using RMS Precision Flow Rate Tubing™

I appreciate your products and feel better since receiving infusions again

“I used the RMS Flow Rate Tubing F1200 to replace a competitor’s product, with really no side effects; infusions went smoothly.  I liked the tubing better than the adjustable one I had been previously using.  It seemed just easier and gave me more length, besides the obvious of not having to deal with what rate it should be going at.  I appreciate your products and feel better since receiving infusions again.”

– Lisa C.

Mary-Jane's Story

Patient using FREEDOM60®


“I love my FREEDOM60! I have CVID and currently infuse 16g/180ml of Hizentra 2x a week. I began infusing with Hizentra/Vivaglobin in 2010. I received my FREEDOM60 pump a couple of months before that and I have been using the same pump ever since. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my FREEDOM60 because it is reliable, easy to use, easy to clean and once I start, I don’t have to worry about my infusion. It is very durable and extremely easy to travel with. It’s light weight and the fantastic carrying case/pouch makes it easy for me to move around while I am infusing. Not being tethered to an electrical outlet, like with IV, allows me to infuse when and where I like, while doing things as I infuse. I love that the syringe is protected in the pump, so I don’t have to worry about bumping it and potentially losing a syringe full of Hizentra!”

– Mary-Jane M.

Shirley's Story

Patient using FREEDOM60®

I have used other pumps, but prefer the FREEDOM60

“I was diagnosed 20 years ago.  I do two (2) infusions a week and use the FREEDOM60 pump.  I have used other pumps, but I prefer the FREEDOM60.  It is very reliable, does not break down, withstands occasional dropping, is less expensive than other pumps, and is paid for by Medicare.  I fall asleep occasionally when I have the pump on and have never had any problems.”

– Shirley V.

Richard's Story

Patient using FREEDOM60®

The durability of the FREEDOM60

“The FREEDOM60 pump is durable. We’ve been using this for 5+ years. We’ve accidently dropped it several times with no damage done.”

– Richard W.


Sarah's Story

Patient using FREEDOM60®

Thank you for creating such great products!

“I used to use another pump but it was battery operated and the batteries would run out during an infusion, leaving my husband to push in the remainder of the drug. With the FREEDOM60, we truly have been free from worry, our girls used the pump and love it and the “ready, set, go” feel they get when they turn the knob. The tubing has been awesome and helped with speed and safety. Thank you for creating such great products! We can feel safe and proud to use them with our family.”

– Sarah C.

Jennifer's Story

Patient using FREEDOM60®

I can use it anywhere! It’s lightweight, no batteries, and easy to use.

“I love the flexibility the Freedom system provides.  I can use it anywhere!  It’s lightweight, no batteries, and easy to use.  I’ve done my infusions with the FREEDOM60 pump, Precision Flow Rate Tubing, and HIgH-Flo Needle sets in restaurants, movie theaters, road trips, conferences, at work, walking around the house, and I travel with it all the time.”

– Jennifer S.

Patty's Story

Patient using HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets™

The tubing and needle sets are the VERY BEST in the industry!

“Along with using the FREEDOM60, I also use your (Precision) tubing and HIgH-Flo needle sets. They are the VERY BEST in the industry! I have tried other brands and nothing compares. Love the long tubing – that’s a big plus!”

– Patty P.

Patty's Story

Patient using FREEDOM60®

I love how easy the FREEDOM60 is!

“I have been using the FREEDOM60 since switching to SubQ. I love how easy it is to use, and the pouch that comes with it.

The fact that the pump is easy to clean with alcohol wipes makes me feel secure knowing that it is sterile between infusions. The pouch being washable and having storage is also a very attractive feature – I LOVE THE ZEBRA PRINT!”

-Patty P.

Andy's Story

Patient using FREEDOM60®

It works!

“I love my FREEDOM60 pump!  It’s easy and effective.  It works!  I’ve had it for over 10 years with no problems, no complications… just steady and reliable.  Don’t change it as far as its work-ability…it doesn’t need anything!”

-Andy H.

Marguerite's Story

Patient using FREEDOM60®

These products are so user-friendly

“My name is Marguerite. I am 54 years old, a wife and mother of 2 active girls, ages 12 and 13. I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I have gone to 5 different rheumatologists and other doctors in search for relief from the constant pain in every single joint in my body. I have found nothing that takes away all the pain, but I have found a few medications that help.

During my search, some of the therapies and infusions of strong medicines depleted my immune system. I caught pneumonia, was hospitalized, and almost died twice. I became disabled because the range-of-motion in my joints became limited, preventing me from moving very much. I also could not be around too many people because I could easily catch illnesses. This has been very difficult for me especially since my girls are young. They are involved in Girl Scouts and play in their school orchestra. I have missed many concerts and trips, Christmas parades, etc.

I starting seeing a new doctor a couple of years ago. Once I became strong enough, she started me on Hizentra, which is infused at home with little needles, into the subcutaneous tissue.

I use 3 HIgH-Flo needles and the Freedom60 system. These products are so user-friendly. The nurse trained me, so I can do the infusion according to our family schedule. I even took it on vacation with us this year. I feel much more ‘normal’! This medicine and the way it is administered allows me to accompany my daughters on many of their activities now.”

-Marguerite A.

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