What does DynEQ™ mean for you? Peace of mind!

Dynamic equilibrium balances your fastest infusion with your most comfortable one. You get to infuse as rapidly as your provider recommends. If the pressure in your sites increases, the system immediately responds by automatically slowing down. The pump will maintain a safe pressure of 13.5 psi throughout the infusion. dyne

Pumps designed for constant flow (such as electronic pumps) respond to tissue saturation by increasing pumping pressure to maintain their programmed flow rate. High pump pressures can cause high pressures within infusion sites (shown below).non_dyneconstantflowchart

Constant Flow Pumps will increase pressure (yellow line), if necessary to maintain a set flow rate. Constant Pressure Pumps will slow down the flow of the drugs (blue line), corresponding to increases in resistance as patient’s infusion sites fill.

Constant Pressure Source – Maintains a certain pressure. Flow rate is controlled by the resistance to flow of the tubing and needle sets, the viscosity of the drug, and the ability of the patient’s infusion site to accept drugs.

Constant Flow Source – Maintains a certain flow rate. Pressure varies based on the resistance of tubing and needle sets, drug viscosity, site acceptance, and occlusion (overpressure) alarm setting.