• You will never need to use force to load or remove a syringe.  If you are having trouble loading or removing, stop and make sure the black tab is at the end of its track and in the starting position.
  • Use only RMS Precision Flow Rate Tubing™ sets manufactured by RMS Medical Products. Use of any other tubing set may cause the syringe to eject from the pump and eventually cause internal damage to the FREEDOM60®. Use of any other tubing set may also cause over delivery of fluids or medication to the patient.
  • Make sure the luer disc end of the tubing has been connected to an approved syringe and that it is seated properly in the nose of the syringe driver.
  • Do not attempt to remove the syringe or disconnect the tubing set without first turning the FREEDOM60® OFF and fully winding the large knob clockwise until the black tab has reached the end of its track.
  • The black tab that pushes on the syringe plunger operates under high force. Do not place fingers on the black tab or inside the syringe shield at any time. Do not attempt to interfere with the movement of the black tab at any time.
  • Do not attempt to open the syringe driver housing or remove the syringe shield. Do not operate if the syringe shield has been removed.

Click here for Freedom60® Instructions for Use