The most valuable solutions in Home Infusion

Safety meets simplicity at last, in a pump designed for everyone: patients, nurses, pharmacists and technicians.

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RMS Home Infusion has built the familiar FREEDOM60® performance into an even simpler design for 20ml and 30ml syringes – a compact infusion solution that’s easy to use for smaller or often-repeated doses. It is so simple it makes frequent and flexible dosing a reality – in a safe, controlled manner. Just close and go.

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A tube is not just a tube. Patients and clinicians need flow rates and delivery times they can depend on. Precision is recommended for the performance of RMS’ Freedom syringe systems and their key feature, DynEQ™ (Dynamic Equilibrium). When you need accuracy, reliability, and safety – you need Precision.

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Little needle, big difference. By making a little needle a lot better, RMS makes a big difference helping people feel better. Patient Advocates, Nurses, and Key Opinion Leaders recommend RMS HIgH-Flo.

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Dependable Medical Suction when you need it most

A little, but powerful, hand-held unit. Whether on a crash cart, at the scene of an accident or during patient transport, using RES-Q-VAC® can save a life.

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